Never done Model UN before? Haven't done it in a while and need a refresher? Maybe you need to touch up on something. Check out our guides that allow you to become a competent Model UN delegate from the first committee session. Our guides are meant to be read in order that you see them here. To read a guide, click on the title

 Pre-Conference Preparation 

This guide is designed to teach you the basic skills needed to tackle the topics before the conference. This will allow you to work out ways to understand complex matters and then explain them in an easy to understand manner

Position Statements

Position Statements are a requirement before every conference, and are a brief outline of the thoughts and issues your country has with the topic. This guide will inform you on how to do a good position statement, and impress your fellow delegates. 

A Typical Day in Committee

You're at the conference, and suddenly you're bewildered by all of these foreign concepts? Never fear, this guide will help you decipher the jargon and allow you to participate in a meaningful manner in committee.  

Communicating Effectively

If you want to make your point in an impactful manner, and ensure that your views are in the final resolution, then this guide will help you make the killer speech and work well with your fellow delegates. 

Reaching a Resolution

The goal of any Model UN Conference is to get a resolution. This guide will help you understand what it takes to achieve a resolution, as well as making sure that the resolution is comprehensive and plausible. 

Rules of Procedure

Our Rules of Procedure (affectionally known as ROP) are in place to give flow to a committee. Whilst they are technical and detailed, they are designed to do so to ensure strong debate. All delegates should read through it once, however, it's perfectly fine to not understand it until you've done some debate. If you have any questions about the ROP, email or ask your director.