Hosting AMUNC is a great way to build the prestige of your institution and your city. Every year, a new city and group of people put their hands up to host this great conference. Below are the key dates, a bidding information document, and sample bids which can help you work out what you need to create a robust bid. We've also made the bidding process more transparent, objective, and process driven to ensure that everyone understands why a city was selected and allow for quality AMUNC's in the future. 

Key Dates

1st July 2018 - Bids Due at 17:00 Australian Eastern Standard Time

2nd July 2018 - Bids Are Available for Public Commenting and Questioning

5th July 2018 - Public Commenting and Questioning Close

9th July 2018 - Interviews

13th July - Decision of the Next Host City Announced at Closing Ceremony

Other Notes

The bid package is an absolute must read for any bid teams. The other attachments, those being the redacted 2018 bid and 2010 bid are good examples of bid documents and demonstrate the standard of quality that the selection panel will be looking for in a successful bid. 

AMUNC 2019 Bid Package             AMUNC 2018 Redacted Sample Bid              AMUNC 2010 Sample Bid