committee topics 


AMUNC 2018 will be featuring the following committees. Listed are each committee's topics, directors and a short blurb (TBC).

Our conference will feature standard Model United Nations Committees, with many new ones, including the International Olympic Committee and ASEAN. Furthermore, delegates may also choose to take on the role of NGO's, businesses and media by registering as a Romaing Delegate.

Most exciting are our Crisis Councils. There will be three exciting, fast paced Crises Councils, where delegates will explore Renaissance Italy, the Congo Crisis and the Syrian Conflict. Read about them below.

Furthermore, we are proud to present the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation as the first Mandarin language committee at the Asia Pacific Model United Nations Conference.

Please also revise our Rules of Procedure HERE.

A position matrix is linked HERE.


General Committees

General Assembly First Committee

Disarmament and International Security Committee
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1.Combatting the Continuing Proliferation and Use of Chemical Weapons.
2.Ensuring the Safe Disposal of Nuclear Wastes.
3.Revitalising the Process of Conventional Disarmament.

Directed by:
Dianne Antoinette Ignacio
Abdullah Andishyar

General Assembly Second Committee

Economic and Financial Committee
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1.The Future of Microfinance in Rural Enterprise
2.The Future of the IMF and the World Bank.

Directed by:
Ash Panjwani
Cheryl Wijaya

General Assembly Third Committee

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee
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1.An Advisory Opinion on the Creation of a Convention on the Rights of the Elderly.
2.Facilitating Youth Participation and Interests in Political Decision-making.
3.Protecting Human Rights in Disputed and Occupied Territories.

Directed by:
Josephine Petra Lovensa
Alexander Mao


General Assembly Fourth Committee

Special Political and Decolonization Committee
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1.The Responsibility to Rebuild After Humanitarian Intervention and Peacekeeping Missions.
2.Preventing the Development and Deployment of Space Weapons.
3.Opening up the Polar Regions to Economic Exploitation.

Directed by:
Jonathan Lim
Saif Mohammed Chowdhury

General Assembly Sixth Committee

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1.Impact of Big Data
2.Regulation of Drones in Warfare

Directed by:
Alice Zhou
Ethan Wong

Asia-Pacific Ministerial Summit on the Environment

(A-P Summit)
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1.Managing the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’.
2.Promoting Sustainable and Environmental Agricultural Practices and Trade.

Directed by:
Alexandra Cameron
Angie John


Association of South-East Nations

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1.Enforcing Human Rights and Democratic Values in ASEAN.
2.Expanding ASEAN: The Granting of Full Membership to Bangladesh, East Timor, and Papua New Guinea.
3.The Question of Whether Signing the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreements Undermines the Economic Initiatives of ASEAN.

Directed by:
Cassi Grant
Giovanni Nickson Zefanya ONG

Shanghai Cooperation Committee

Mandarin Language Committee
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1.The Future of Military Cooperation Between Members.
2.The Radicalisation of Youth Through Abuses of Religious Education.
3.Combating Illicit Opiate Trafficking Through Central Asia.

United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

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1.Preventing Sexual Exploitation by UN Peacekeepers.
2.Ensuring Gender Equality in the Workplace

Directed by:
Blake Smith
Farah Ulfath Proma

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

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1.The Protection of Environmental Refugees Under International Law.
2.The Impact of Corruption on the Provision of Aid.
3.Reforming the UNHCR Refugee Resettlement Process.

Directed by:
Saahil Bijlani
Sami Haq

United Nations Security Council

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1.Reforming the UN Security Council.
2.Appropriately Responding to the Democratic Republic of Korea’s Nuclear Program.
3.The UN’s Power to Investigate and Sanction State-Sponsored Cyber Espionage.

Directed by:
Darcy French
Myron Anthony Godinho

United Nations Development Programme

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1.The Impact of Volunteerism On Sustainable Development.
2.Preventing Regional Conflicts through Improving Water Security.
3.Sustainable Development in the Context of Widespread Human Displacement.

Directed by:
Shevinu Mithushaal Athulathmudali
Srinidhi Paranji


World Health Organisation

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1.The Capacity of the WHO for Emergency Medical Action
2.The Implications of Amendments to CRISPR on Genetic R&D

Directed by:
Natasia Winoto
Seleena Issa

Assembly of the African Union

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1.Reforming Land Ownership and Title for Peace.
2.The Significance of National Sovereignty in the Future of the AU.
3.Preventing Human Abductions Through Regional Cooperation.

Directed by:
Fikri Abirawa
Alimamy Tarawalle


Special Committees

Brexit Negotiations

UK-EU Talks
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The manner of the United Kingdom's separation from the European Union.

Directed by:
Shuvoraj Hossain
Albert Sutanto

Roaming Delegates

Press/Corporations/Non-Government Organisations
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An active and intense experience as the press, corporations, and NGO's attempt to sway debate, expose secrets, and gain leverage.

Directed by:
Simon Addison
Kay Powell


Crisis Committees

Historical Dual Cabinet

Birth of the Renaissance
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A simulation of 15th century Italian politics, divided into two rival cabinets which themselves are not entirely stable.

Directed by:
Nicholas Allison, Ganeshmoorthy Chandrasekaran, Anuki Suraweera, Eeshaa Batra, Jacson Patrick

Historical Multilateral

The Katanga Incident
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Set in 1960, the Historical Multilateral revolves around a period of great upheaval in central Africa. It will involve numerous interests vying for influence in a chaotic time.

Directed by:
Samuel Scander, Toby Marlow, Nicholas Parker, Naufal Rafif Siahaan


Geneva Peace Talks:The Syrian Civil War
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A committee set in contemporary times, involving actors from all over the world and centered around a complex peace process between the Syrian Government and Syrian Opposition.

Directed by:
Jesse Cuthbert, Vivian Lai-Tran, Nanduri V P S Anirudh, Jake Humphreys, Jason Zhang