Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AMUNC?
Established in 1995 by the University of New South Wales, the Asia Pacific Model United Nations Conference is the largest travelling conference within the Asia-Pacific region. Attracting up to almost 800 participants, AMUNC is a multi-faceted negotiation challenge for budding diplomats of all backgrounds. A differentiating factor of AMUNC from other Model UN conferences is the incorporation of unique committees and smaller committee sizes (such our very first Mandarin speaking committee), which allows delegates to have greater engagement in committee sessions and in forming resolutions.

2. Where will AMUNC 2018 be held?
In 2018, AMUNC is going back to its roots! Presiding over the week from 8th-13th July, the conference will be hosted by the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

3. Who can participate in the conference?
AMUNC 2018 is a university-level conference, targeting students studying at tertiary level. All participants must be at least 18 years of age and registered under a tertiary level institution. Applications from persons whose qualifications are limited to secondary education (high school) will not be accepted. However if you consider yourself as possessing extensive MUN experience, we may be willing to consider an application. Regardless, exceptions will be made under two circumstances:
• Where you are underage but are at, or will be in university at the time of the conference; or
• Where you have graduated after July 2017
Otherwise all participants, regardless of whether you are a first timer or MUN veteran, are welcome to attend and participate in the conference.

4. Will AMUNC accept applications from secondary schools?
AMUNC 2018 will not accept applications from delegates studying in secondary schools. The conference is strictly limited to tertiary students.

5. Who can apply for a director/chair position?
Applications are open to all national and international students enrolled in a tertiary institution. Those with prior experience as a director or chair are encouraged to apply. AMUNC 2018 also welcomes applications from people who have not directed before, but have extensive experience as a delegate.

6. Can the AMUNC Secretariat provide financial support to participants?
AMUNC is unable to provide any financial support or scholarships to any participants of the conference. However, if you are having any difficulty in paying the application fee and require an extension, please email our USG Finance, Samuel Smeele:

7. Will accommodation be provided?
Unfortunately, accommodation will not be provided by the Secretariat. However, a number of recommendations for affordable accommodation will be made available to delegates in the near future. These recommendations will vary in terms of their location, the facilities they provide, and the type of accommodation being provided – for example, whether it is a hostel, hotel or motel. However, all locations are within a half hour commute to the conference venue, and easily accessible by public transport.

Note that accommodation costs will not be included in the price of the delegate ticket, nor can they be booked by the AMUNC Secretariat. All accommodation bookings must be done by either university delegations or individual delegates.

Any general queries can be emailed to our USG Logistics, Mosely Maroli on:

8. Will there be a dress code during the conference?
Delegates are expected to wear business attire during all committee sessions. The dress codes for all social events will be specified at a later date.

9.    Can the AMUNC Secretariat provide travel assistance to international delegates?
The AMUNC Secretariat is only able to provide limited assistance and advice to delegates with regards to international travel. Information on visas and how to apply for them can be found HERE.

For further information, or if you have any queries, please contact our USG International Liaison, Fatima Grace on All emails to the AMUNC Secretariat should be addressed as follows: Subject Title [surname, first name].