How to MUN

Best Delegate - Best Delegate is the go to bible for any Model UN delegate on learning how to do Model UN. Set up by Ryan Villanueva and Kevin Felix Chan in 2010, Best Delegate quickly gained legitimacy as the authoritative source for Model UN practitioners globally. With plenty of great articles on how to MUN, this site is a must bookmark for any one, from first timers to old hacks: 

MUN Planet - MUN Planet is another resource that whilst does have more emphasis on advertising MUN's across the world, it does have a robust blog on how to MUN. Check it out here: 

MUN Impact - MUN has a social obligation to ensure that we do some good with our work, and MUN Impact is an organisation that is designed to highlight exactly that. Set up by a huge network of prominent international MUN directors, including Lisa Martin, Ryan Villanueva, and Andrew Newman, MUN Impact allows you to see how your actions can lead to positive change: 

AMUNC - We will be providing delegates with guides on how to write position papers, how to research, and how to be effective in committee really soon. Check your emails and the website over the coming days. In addition, we will also be running a training session on Sunday 8th for first time delegates. 

Model UN Societies - If your university has a Model UN Society, or a group of people who are running/advertising MUN conferences, they may also have training materials available. Please speak to your society via email, on their website, or on Facebook for more information. 

Conference Research

DelegatePal - Set up in 2017 by the Eledath Brothers, DelegatePal has quickly become a easy to use resource for MUN Delegates and Chairs with over 50,000 users. Create an E-Binder of information, and get plenty of information on your topic here: 

MUN Impact - When creating resolutions, most of them now need some relationship with the SDG's. MUN Impact has a lot of great resources about learning about the SDG's, for which you can find here: 

Max Planck - This international law encyclopaedia is a great resource for learning about basic concepts in international law, including definitions of key topics that will be discussed in debate: Note that you may need a university library subscription for this service. 

CIA World Factbook - The CIA World Factbook is an excellent resource to quickly gather information about a country and their profile: